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Pole Files Interviews 45: Suwasit Ritthiphon

Pole Files Interviews: Suwasit Ritthiphon Rarr designs

We are starting back up our Pole Files Interviews………. Suwasit Ritthiphon.   We are so excited to announce our first interview is with the AMAZING Suwasit Ritthiphon. We meet in at Pole Festival in Qld Australia. Suwasit has a beautiful personality that is larger than life. We were inspired by him with minutes of meeting him. We […]

Pole Files Interview 44: Megan Blyszak Pole Dancer

Megan Blyszak Pole Dancer Rarr designs

Our next interview is with Melbourne Girl Megan Blyszak. Megan B is an amazing pole dancer she only started Pole less than 5 years ago and has already won many awards that showcase her talent.  Megan inspires so many other polers and is setting the bar high in the competition world. This is a great interview […]

Pole Files Interview 43: Natty Stephens Pole Dancer

Natty Stephens Rarr designs Pole dancer

Our next 2 interviews we are staying local within our home town Victoria. Our Next interview is with the amazing Natty Stephens……….. Nat is Melbourne based girl with an amazing Pole style. She has only recently hit the competition stage and has blown away audiences and judges. Natty Trains and represents Pole Princess Studios. And […]

Pole Files Interview 42: Bendy Kate Pole Dancer

Rarr Designs Bendy Kate Pole dancer

Omg our next interview is with the amazing Bendy Kate. Bendy Kate has been a personal favorite pole dancer of mine. Her style and flexibility amazes the pole world. Let Hear about her….. Quick Bio Bendy has been competing at a professional level for the last three years. Some of her recent titles include: World Pole Sport […]

Pole Files Interview 41: Amy Hazel Pole Dancer

Its been a long time since our last interview……. So lets start back with a bang!!! Miss AMY HAZEL, current Winner of the Aerial All Stars Pole Art Winner 2015. She is a super nice chick, with a beautiful personality and she is pretty short too. We can’t wait to see her on the main […]

Pole Files Interview 40: Ekaterina Guseva Pole Dancer

Ekaterina Guseva rarrdesigns

Our 40th interview with the beautiful Ekaterina Guseva from Russia. She ha amazing flexibility and is a beautiful pole dancer. Quick Bio I was born in small town and never been involved in professional sport or dance. Based in Moscow I started train pole dance in early 2011. After a year training in the dance form, discovered the […]

Pole Files Interview 39: Karry Summers Pole Dancer

Karry Summers rarrdesigns

Interview 39 is with New Zealander Karry Summers, over the last year she has become one of the top Pole dancers. Her Gymnastics background gives her a creative edge, we love her style………. Enjoy reading and watching her videos……… Quick Bio on yourself….. I grew up competing in gymnastics and always loved the dance and […]

Pole Files Interview 38: Charlee Wagner Pole Dancer

Charlee Wagner Rarrdesigns

Our Next Interview is with the Oohhhh so beautiful Charlee Wagner. Charlee has only been Pole Dancing for the last 2 years and is already one of the top names in Pole dancing. So let’s hear all about Charlee………. [youtube_sc url=””] Quick Bio Charlee Wagner spent seven years as a competitive All-Star Cheerleader where she […]

Pole Files Interview 37: Joanna Littlewood-Johnson Pole Dancer

Today we have the great pleasure of interviewing Joanna Littlewood-Johnson !!! She has amazing strength, great routines and cute costumes:) You would not know it but Joanna Littlewood-Johnson is 43 year old, so lets hear about Joanna and her pole dancing career……. How long have you been doing pole dancing? I started classes at Bobbi’s after […]

Pole Files Interview 36: Kristy Sellars Pole Dancer

The next pole files interview is with the current Miss Pole Dance Victoria, Kristy Sellars. Kristy is an amazing performer, I had the privilege to watch her perform at Miss Pole Dance Victoria competition. Kristy has the ability to capture the audience with her amazing choreography and theatre mixes. Her Miss Pole Dance Victoria video is […]

Pole Files Interview 35: Miss Filly Pole Dancer

Our next interview is with Melbourne Girl Philippa Rasidi aka Miss Filly. Miss Filly is an amazing pole dancer has has won many awards that showcase her talent. I have always known about the awesome Miss Filly in the pole dance world, but after seeing Miss Filly perform and watching her on you tube I am totally […]

Pole Files Interview 34: Venessa Clack Pole Dancer

For our 34th interview we have the strong and beautiful Venessa Clack from South Africa. I had the pleasure of meeting and attending 3 workshops with Venessa at the WA Pole Camp 2013. Venessa’s knowledge of the pole industry, moves and other pole dancers is to be commended. Not only did she teach unique pole moves but […]

Pole Files Interview 33: Flying Laura Pole Dancer

The amazing Laura Martin AKA Flying Laura is our next interview. I have had the pleasure of spending a fair bit of time with Laura and she is not only an amazing pole dancer but a beautiful person. She is so inspiring and after spending over a week with her she reminded me to follow my […]

Pole Files Interview 31: Nadia Shariff Pole Dancer

Nadia Shariff is our next pole files interview. I have the pleasure of doing a workshop with Nadia last week and she is an absolutely amazing instructor  plus an energetic performer. I am always so engaged when watching any of Nadia’s performances, she attracts and engages the crowd. I found her a warm and bubbly person with the most amazing hair:) Lets hear from […]

Pole Files Interview 30: Michelle Stanek Pole Dancer

Today’s Interview is with Michelle Stanek she is very well known in the Pole dance industry. Her styles in unique and fluid. I really enjoy watching Michelle perform she a a different way of capturing a audience. So Let’s hear all about Michelle……. Short bio… Michelle Stanek grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania […]

Pole Files Interview 29: Lisa D Pole Dancer

My Next interview is with the beautiful and talented Lisa D Pole Dancer. I find her to be an absolutely amazing performer, her performances are mesmerising she knows how to work the stage. Lisa has performed at many of Australia’s major competitions and the Asia pacific too. You must watch her latest video from the […]

Pole Files Interview 28: Rony Lebovics Aerial Artist

My Next interview is with Rony Lebovics, our very first aerial artist. I meet Rony at aerial hoop workshop earlier this year in Melbourne. Rony knowledge and strength was inspiring but also her way in which she instructs. Check out Rony’s Website… Let’s her what Rony has to say…………….. How long have you been […]

Pole Files Interview 27: Sarah Scott Pole Dancer

Sarah Scott - Pole Dancer

Its been such a long time since my last interview and I am coming back on a new site with an amazing pole dancer to interview. I saw Sarah Scott for the first time at the L/A Pole Convention in June 2012, she was absolutely amazing. I was blown away by her strength and style, […]

Pole Files Interview 26: Rafaela Montanaro Pole Dancer

Rafaela Montanaro - Pole Dancer

My Next interview is with the lovely and beautiful Rafaela Montanaro, she is an amazing and even better pole dancer. She has graced the stage some some amazing performances. And sure knows how the excite a crowd. She is an inspiration to all pole dancers…… Lets hear from Rafaela… I was born in a family […]

Pole Files Interview 25: Bonnie Black Pole Dancer

Bonnie Black - Pole Dancer

The 25th interview is with Bonnie Black a absolutely strong individual. Bonnie has a studio in New Zealand check out there website I have enjoyed so much looking thru all her you tube videos and check out her amazing, amazing moves. I love the Ayesha jumps, very inspiring. Lets here what Bonnie has to […]

Pole Files Interview 24: Gracie Buntine Pole Dancer

Gracie Buntine - Pole Dancer

Our next interview is with the amazing Gracie Buntine. She is an awesome performer and a even better pole dancer. I have had the honour of watching Gracie perform live and was blown away. She performed a fantastic routine which blew the judges away and lead her to win the Australian Pole Fitness Championships. Gracie […]

Pole Files Interview 23: Aerial Amy Pole Dancer

Aerial Amy is one of my great pole dancing inspirations, and I am so happy to share her story on my blog. Amy has her pole dancing blog which she everyday post new and interesting things about the pole dancing world. She shares all the things she has learnt, and from that has an amazing […]

Pole Files Interview 22: Amy Lewis Pole Dancer

So its been a little while since my last interview. I have been a bit slack with easter break. Our 22nd Interview is with Amy Lewis from New Zealand, another beautiful pole dancer. I have loved doing this interview with Amy as she has such unique interests outside of pole dancing. Here is Amy story…………. […]

Pole Files Interview 21: Cleo The Hurricane Pole Dancer

The next Pole file interview is with Cleo ‘The Hurricane’. She rocks the stage with her rocking music and awesome stage presence. Cleo has an awesome ability to capture a audience will she is performing. She has the most unique style I have seen in the pole world. [youtube_sc url=””] This is what Cleo has […]

Pole Files Interview 20: Karol Helms Pole Dancer

20th Interview is with the one of the most amazing women in the pole dancing world, Karol Helms. She is an inspiration to all but pole dancers and myself included. She has come up with some of the greatest pole moves, please take the time to look through Karols Youtube, there some awesome videos. Lets […]

Pole Files Interview 19: Bailey Hart Pole Dancer

My Next interview with with the beautiful and amazing Bailey Hart. Miss Suqie Q recommended that I interview Bailey. Bailey has been pole dancing for a while now but in the last year she has become a fantastic performer and has many awards to show. Here are a few titles Bailey has; International Pole Championships […]

Pole Files Interview 18: Mary Kolacinski (Mary Aston) Pole Dancer

The 18th Pole interview is with the amazing Mary Aston Kolacinski. Mary was recommended to me by my 1st pole interview, Crystal Gibson. I started researching Mary and was instantly impressed. I went thru her youtube page and found some great videos of her pole dancing. So lets hear what Mary has to say. […]

Pole Files Interview 17: Kimmi Kay Pole Dancer

Today I am interviewing Kimmi Kay. She is absolutely full of energy and excitement, she has an amazing positive aura about her. I have been so lucky to be able to train with her and learn from her. So here is some more about Kimmi….. Quick Bio. My name is Kimmi Kay and i am […]

Pole Files Interview 16: Sass Kirkham Pole Dancer

I have had the great pleasure of interviewing Sass Kirkham from New Zealand. She wears beautiful costumes when performing, I think truly adds to the performance. Here more about Sass. How long have you been doing pole dancing? It will be 5 years this coming April I think. The moment you realised you love pole […]

Pole Files Interview 15: Suzie Q Pole Dancer

Interview 14 is with the absolutely amazing Suzie Q. I had the pleasure of attending a class with Suzie Q last month. She walked into the room and you could feel her positive energy, I was totally inspired after the class. The way she works with her partner Toby J is truly inspirational. Lets hear […]

Pole Files Interview 14: Anastasia Skukhtorova Pole Dancer

My interview today is with Russian pole dancer Anastasia Skukhtorova. She is an amazing pole dancer with a graceful, theatrical style and captures an audience beautifully. Lets hear from Anastasia….. How long have you been doing pole dancing? I’m doing pole dancing since December 2008. 3 years and couple of month. The moment you realised […]

Pole Files Interview 13: Gemma Bardsley Pole Dancer

My lucky 13th Interview is with Gemma Bardsley. Gemma is an amazing pole dancer, she has extreme strength and a never give up attitude. Gemma has instructed me over the last 2 years and taught me so much. I want to thank Gemma for all her support and for being an awesome teacher. How long […]

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