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What to wear for your first pole class!

Preparing for your first pole dancing class can be exciting yet daunting. Here’s our guide to help you choose the perfect outfit for comfort, grip, and confidence:

  1. Sports Bra: Opt for a supportive sports bra to ensure you feel secure during your movements. Look for one that offers a good balance of comfort and support. We wear test all our sports bras to check our boobies stay in and nipples don’t slip out.

  2. Shorts: It depends on how you feel. a great first class option is our Tie up gym short it offers great coverage but these provide the necessary skin contact with the pole for grip while allowing freedom of movement. As you start to progress we recommend upgrading to any of the other booty shorts in our collection. We sell low waisted and high waisted.

  3. Tank Top: A tank top is ideal to start as you need a little armpit grip. It keeps you cool and doesn’t get in the way during spins and climbs.

  4. Bare Feet or Pole Shoes: For beginners, bare feet are recommended to help with grip and balance. As you progress, you might want to try pole heels and there are so many to choose from.

  5. Avoid Lotions: Do not apply lotions or oils to your skin on the day of your class, as they can make gripping the pole difficult.

  6. Accessories: Remove jewelry to prevent any damage to the pole or injury to yourself.

Additional Tips

  • Comfort is Key: Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in.
  • Practice Clothing: As you advance, you can experiment with different pole wear like garter shorts, bodysuits, and more.

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what to wear for your first pole dance class
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