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Pole Files Interview 34: Venessa Clack Pole Dancer

Pole Files Interview 34: Venessa Clack Pole Dancer

For our 34th interview we have the strong and beautiful Venessa Clack from South Africa. I had the pleasure of meeting and attending 3 workshops with Venessa at the WA Pole Camp 2013.

Venessa’s knowledge of the pole industry, moves and other pole dancers is to be commended. Not only did she teach unique pole moves but she would quote them back to pole other dancers she has seen perform these moves.

After 3 workshops with Venessa, she has become one of my favorite pole dancers and can’t wait to attend another workshop with her.

Let hear Venessa Story……..


Venessa Clack is currently ranked among the top pole dancers in the world. She has recently just finished a successful tour of Australia where she covered 5 cities in 8 days conducting;Veness Clack rarr designs interview• 14 workshops,
• 16 private lessons,
• and was an international guest instructor at the West Australian Pole Camp, and performed at WAPPS 2013.
2012 was an incredibly successful year, she placed 5th overall at the World Pole Sports Championships in London (held alongside the 2012 Olympic Games), won the South African Championships, was runner up at Miss Pole Dance South Africa and was named Sports Women of the Year 2012. Equally in 2011 she was the winner of Miss Pole Dance South Africa and reached the semi-finals of the World Pole & Fitness Championships in Budapest.
Venessa has quickly made a name for herself on the international pole fitness stage, having risen to the top of the South African field in the five short years since she discovered the sport. Having an extensive background in fitness, she had been dancing for just six months when she was named runner up in Miss Pole Dance South Africa 2006 (a spot she retained for the 2008, 2009 and 2010 competitions). Now the owner of Ladies Alternative Fitness, a small but highly successful studio in Johannesburg, she is constantly at work developing her signature strength-oriented style of dancing, including the aerial combinations and move transitions that have made her the dancer to beat at both local and inter

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtNoRNPghBM”]

national competitions.
Her love for fitness and sports started late in life where she started her competitive career in IFBB Miss Fitness. She is a wife, mother to a 3 year old little angel, studio owner and competitive dancer.

Favourite move –

The wrap or cradle spin as I use it for all my transitions and tumbles. It allows me to create horizontal shapes without exerting too much energy. Second favourite would be the Wilde, my elbow hook horizontal move

Veness Clack rarr designs interview

Tools of the trade, what can’t you live without when pole dancing –

My camphor cream and dry hands. Without them I wouldn’t be able to execute my signature transitions and body switches

Any hobbies or passions outside of pole dancing –

Yes, Champagne and shoes!

Veness Clack rarr designs interview

Can’t live without –

my daughter, I believe in laughing every day and she brings me endless supplies

Growing up I wanted to be –

an “Actress”, what was I thinkingVeness Clack rarr designs interview

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZZttMEMa8k”]

Favourite things of all time –

Food, I love cultural cuisine. Because I get to travel I get to experience the fusion of food and culture
Movie – Not a big movie buff, but I am a sucker for “Rom Coms”TV Show – Anything from the 80’s. McGyver, all-time favourite show
Musician – Too many to choose from, over the years of pole dancing I now like music that I can see myself dancing to
Album – Black Album Metallica
Song – Nothing Else matters, Metallica, it was my wedding song
Book – I read a book week, so have a whole library of favourites.
Magazine – What are those, too busy dancing in the studio teehee
Food – Mediterranean, love tapas type meals that way I don’t have to choose I can have a little bit of everything.
Designer – Stoned Cherry


Thanks Venessa, I look forward to meeting you again.

Veness Clack rarr designs interview


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