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When Miss Filly is not WOW-ing audiences with her unique style of pole dance she can be found teaching full time & generally hanging around upside at Pole Divas Moonee Ponds, her studio and school from which she is professionally based. Miss Filly also tours & teaches workshops regularly around the country and has recently had her journey documented in the recent film, ‘Blood Sweat & Sequins’.

She has competed in a number of national pole dancing competitions around Australia, currently crowned Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2014, Doubles Champion and recently All Stars 1st Runner Up.

Her passion for pole dance has led her “pocket rocket” style to truly evolve and over time she has become one of Australia’s most unique and inspiring pole performers.

Career Highlights:

ALL STARS – Pole 1st Runner Up 2014
MPDA 2014 – Doubles WINNER
APC – 2nd Runner Up
MPDA – 2nd Runner Up 2013


Ashleigh’s love of Rarr designs began back in 2012, when she started pole dancing. It wasn’t long after the purchase of her first Rarr designs, pink/blue pole shorts that she became completely addicted to the sport. Shortly after she became an instructor at Aerial Fit studios in Narre Warren. It was here that she discovered her passion for helping women build their self confidence and feel sexy and empowered through pole fitness and everything that accompanies that. In particular any apparel that glitters or shines 😍

You may recognise Ash, she is one of the BEAUTIFUL Rarr models.

When she’s not at the studio parading her Rarr designs, Ash can be found at home hanging with her kitty cat, Frankie. Or at working as a vet nurse. 


My name is Shelby, I am 23 years old and live in Mandurah, Western Australia. My partner, Braddon, and I have a toy Pomeranian called Koda and a Ragdoll/Maine Coon called Theodore. When I’m not at the studio, I am studying my final year of my Secondary Education degree majoring in Drama with an English minor.

Now with the basics out of the way, let’s get on to why most of us are here; Aerial Fitness.

I began pole dancing in May 2015 with my friend and instantly took a liking to it. Roughly a year and a half into my pole journey, my pole mamma opened her own studio (Pole Sisters Fitness Studio) and offered me the opportunity to become an instructor to which I of course jumped at. Soon after opening, we were fortunate enough to install aerial hoops and began learning the art of Lyra. Having never done it before, I taught myself a few moves and began to fall in love with it as much as pole dancing. The passion I have for Lyra pushed me to learn more and more until I was asked to become the Lyra instructor at our studio.

Becoming an instructor has sent my already deep passion for these sports even deeper. Watching my students learn brings me so much joy and drives me to continuously push myself harder to the point where I am at the studio more than I am anywhere else.

I talk about the love and passion I have but I need to acknowledge my Pole Mamma and all the effort she has put into me. She is the reason I am where I am and have the love for this sport. I owe her everything in this field and to know that she has such faith and pride in me keeps me moving forward.

Taking these sports on and the challenges that come with them has changed my life, my attitude and my ability to love myself. I am proud of the skills I have attained and the body that lets me do them and aspire to show other women and men alike to learn the same.


Meet Emma!!! She is 20 years old and has been pole dancing since she was about 16, teaching since she was 18. When she is not pole dancing Emma is at the gym prepping for bikini/fitness competitions and also working as a disability support worker. On her rest days she is cuddling her beautiful puppies and completing cert 3 and 4 in fitness to become a personal trainer.

Emma has always had a growing passion for pole dancing however since training at the Artistic Pointe Studio in South Gisborne this passion has been reignited and is growing more then ever. Becoming an ambassador for Rarr Designs has added to this spark and she is so grateful for the opportunity! Emma has always loved Rarr and is forever dancing in her rarr designs outfits which never fail to make her feel more confident and sexy on and around the pole! 

Brand Representatives and Brand Enthusiasts!!!
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Brand Enthusiast

A pole dancer of nine years, Mackalocalypse relishes the unique individuality pole dancing brings. Having no background in dance or gymnastics prior to pole, she's discovered her own style and in particular has found a flare for strong-dynamic moves, flips and fierce combos. Under the supervision and guidance of her Samoyed Arya, along with her favourite metal tunes, Pole is her ultimate nirvana.

Brand Representative

My name is Taryn, I teach AntiGravity Yoga and Pole dancing classes. I was always that kid at school that hated sport until I attended my first pole class and fell In love instantly.

I love the way my RARR clothing fits, the sizing is always so accurate and the patterns and designs are amazing. I love that you are always coming up with different colours and patterns for the designs! RARR Brazil fit scrunchie bum are my absolute favourite pole shorts ever.

Brand Enthusiast

I am Agustina Limans. I was born in August 16th, 1972. A mom of 3 sons aged 17, 15, & 13. A freelance MakeUp Artist. 

I chose CHEETAH coz it represent a beauty eventhough seems slim fragile, yet she could be fierce, fast in catching d prey. That's how i like WOMEN's role / MOTHERHOOD this day...we should be handy, not only beautiful inside out, also smart & fast in response of any pressures.

Basically i started my pole dance journey out of desperation!! I was injured in my left knee during dancing class when i did twisted movement causing my acl got partial torn & meniscus affectedly torn. It was swalloned and i had difficulty in  kneeling, pain in walking too long. The ortopaedic doctor already suggested orthopaedic surgery, however i was afraid i couldnt dance again. So i thought i gave poledance a try. If not working, i'll choose the surgery. And after a month and so, i felt so much better. Less pain. Could dance again without much pain. Therefore i am so determined to spread the awareness of  how poledance has such amazing impacts /benefits for everyone's health especially stamina. I feel stronger, more flexible, eventhough i had no ballet or contortion background. 

I LOVE RARR coz of its variety of the models, esp the bottoms which cover bigger bumps like me. I prefer higher waist than the common small models as it helps hide my fat  and more polite for Indonesian's society (less showing the sexy parts) esp when they often associate poledancer as striptease. Not to mention that the colours stay longer compare to other brands after washing!!!

I have strong belief that i could benchmark those negative prejudice thoughts over poledancing! My family esp my parents, aunt & uncle were disagreed with my poledancing choice. But through times, i could convince them that poledance gave me many benefits, stronger, more flexible, & of course more confident. 

If i can start from zero and not from young age, why can't u? So stop mumbling, complaining, making lots excuses, just start move work ur asses! I dont want to regret in my old age for not doing things that i love which is dance & pole. That's my motto! 

With the trust & reputable name from ur brand, i hope i could bring such positive awareness towards Indonesian's society that poledance is awesome sport which requires such determination, consistent hardwork, never ending exploring learning as life is a journey of loving yrself stepping out of our comfort zone and b blessful !

Brand Representative

I began poling in 2017 at the age of 52. I’m a mom of four beautiful grown children, and after competing as a national level athlete in the NPC Figure division, I was looking for a way to build on the strength I had gained from lifting and to find a new way to challenge myself. After my first pole class, I was hooked. I have multiple sclerosis and scoliosis, so pole is a huge challenge for me. I enjoy it very much and appreciate how it relates to life. There is a vulnerability with pole that mimics life in so many ways. You learn to find complete trust in yourself and your body’s ability to learn and do new things at any age. You learn to trust the apparatus and those around you to be there for you and keep you safe. When you’re hanging upside down facing the ground, you learn to trust that you won’t fall, and if you do, you’ll be ok. You learn patience when things are hard and to be joyful and proud for every little success. You learn to hold space for others to love them through their challenges while allowing them to own their own story and boundaries, while you own yours. You learn to appreciate all aspects of yourself – the powerful authenticity of appreciating both your human graces and your human failures that make you so beautifully and uniquely who you are destined to be. And sometimes most importantly, you learn the tender peace of simply letting go…. Through pole, I have had gift of witnessing people of all ages, fitness levels, backgrounds, and body types pursuing growth through movement. Life is all about continual learning. It’s about realizing that without self love and self care, you can’t possibly help care for and fully love others. I hope my poling encourages others to move through their precious life and space, and find and cherish the significance and magic of every single moment, of every movement. I’m so grateful to be a Brand Representative for Rarr Designs. I have been a happy customer since I started poling. I love the quality of everything I have purchased. My favorite pieces are the V Sports Bra and the Naughty Shorts with scrunch bum 🙂 They are so flattering and I get tons on compliments every time I wear a Rarr outfit. Rarr Designs customer service is second to none.

Brand Representative

I started pole in 2015 after retiring from 18 years of Irish dancing. My back was as stiff as a board and my legs not much better. I train and instruct at Bella Bliss Studios in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. I started competing in 2017 and love it! I love strength moves, as I'm also a lover of crossfit, but flex moves are growing on me now that I'm more flexible! When I'm not at pole I'm a researcher in youth mental health, cyberbullying, and neurobiology, and have a PhD. I love rarr because it is soooooooo comfortable and makes everyone look amazing! It is so reasonably priced and can withstand the craziest of pole moves. I love it!

Brand Enthusiast

I'm Caitlin and I have now been pole dancing for 18 months at The Pole Room in Kilsyth, Melbourne. I love pole because it is a way for me to express myself, be strong and love my body. The pole community is so supportive and empowering, I could not ask for better people to be around. When I'm not pole dancing I'm finishing off my Diploma in Remedial massage which I'll finish towards the end of 2018, working as a nanny for two lovely little girls and spending time with my favourite people in the world (usually eating good food and exploring beautiful places). I love Rarr Designs because their pole wear is so comfy and flattering and not to mention their leg warmers are a must have for sliding around doing floorwork!

Brand Enthusiast

I am married to my amazing husband Reza and am a mum of 2 awesome kids, Sienna 9, & Diesel 7. I have been pole dancing for 5yrs and teaching for 2.5yrs. I am head over heels in love with pole dancing and weight training and love anything that makes me strong! This year has been a great year for me winning a bronze at the Australian Pole Championship Series in Melbourne and now a finalist at Sexy's Back which I cannot wait to compete in. I love Rarr Designs because there is something for everyone! Rarr celebrates all body types and personalities. The vast variety of fabrics and patterns mean there is an outfit for any type of routine or photoshoot. It is my student's GO TO brand for showcase routines too. I also love how supportive Rarr is by always having a stall at each competition and providing fabulous prizes and discounts to competitors, they really have made themselves a household name in the pole world.

Brand Enthusiast

My name is Emma Swabey, usually known by my stage name "Juicy-Lou" . I firstly started pole because my friends talked me into it, I didn't want to go (originally) but I'm a total people pleaser, so I went. Upon turning up to the hall, I found out that "said friends" had actually chickened out without telling me, leaving me 'stood up' for a class I never wanted to be involved in. However, I was through the door and signed in, so I thought "at least one class". And 3 years on at Vixystrawberry Pole School, I've never looked back. My first milestone of pole, that defines my journey quite significantly, was my growth in body confidence. My first ever pole class (if it wasn't traumatic enough being stood up) I actually cried because the instructor wanted me to roll my leggings up to my knees. I was so ashamed of my body, and I continuously fought hard to keep it covered. However, with a lot of help, support and love from the pole community, I've blossomed from the girl who was quiet and covered head to toe, to the naked girl who never shuts up. The confidence has grown so much that I'm now competing on stage at national level. I love your stuff, RARR, as it allows me to ignite my individuality with your bright fun active wear, whilst knowing that my outfit is secure, supportive and not sheer! Whilst being breathable!

Brand Representative

My name is Kelly and I have been poledancing since 2013. I stumbled into poledancing when an old hair dresser started chatting about it. I had been eager to learn in the past but there were no opportunities. My hair dresser said that he taught it, so I decided to come along to one of his classes. As soon as I did one class I was hooked!! Not only did it make me feel confident it allowed me to learn new skills and increased my motivation to learn more. I love to progress and to see changes physically and mentally doing this sport. It allows me to push myself to my own limits and I try to focus on my progress instead of others, and as other poler’s will know this can be difficult at times!!! I would not be the person I am today with aerial dance and i feel it completes me as a whole! I am always learning something new or perfecting an old move. Pole and other forms of aerial dance has kept me occupied when life has thrown some curve balls at me and has kept me sane. I will always be thankful for the sport. Reason why I love rarr Love the brands clothing for comfort, style and design! Best value for money and beautifully made! Wearing #rarr polewear makes me feel sexy and strong. I think that rarr designs empower women with the different styles they have created, allowing women to be unique and true to themselves.

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