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Gracie Buntine - Pole Dancer

Pole Files Interview 24: Gracie Buntine Pole Dancer

Our next interview is with the amazing Gracie Buntine. She is an awesome performer and a even better pole dancer. I have had the honour of watching Gracie perform live and was blown away. She performed a fantastic routine which blew the judges away and lead her to win the Australian Pole Fitness Championships.

Gracie has a beautiful dance style and really knows how to engage the audience. Gracie is currently teaching at Pole Divas in Victoria, Australia.

Lets here from Gracie and watch some of her amazing performances…….

Quick Bio.

Gracie is a true dancer and throughout her career has been involved with dance on numerous levels. From Ballet and Swing to Disco, Hip Hop and aerial hoop, Gracie’s dance background is broad and includes features in music videos and documentaries! After gaining diplomas in dance technique and performance, Gracie travelled around Australia and New Zealand as a dancer, before making her way back to Victoria to choreograph. Over the last 2 years of teaching, peforming and competeing professionally in the pole industry she won her first national title as the Australian pole Fitness Champion 2012.

How long have you been doing pole dancing?

I have been pole dancing for 2 years properly

The moment you realised you love pole dancing?

I realised i loved it the actual moment i stepped into the studio for the first time, i looked at the instructor on the stage and just thought “o my goodness, i want that”

Describe your style.

my style…hmmmm….i think one of the things about my style is that i am super malleable, i have been trained in many styles of dance and i think i can perform in a variety of different styles effectively. but when im just alone dancing, i think i have a very musical and buttery style. i love dynamic and as lame as it sounds, my favorite thing to do is to freestyle and just moooooove! but when im on stage i want to engage my audience, put on a real show

Tools of the trade, what can’t you live without when pole dancing?

x-pole, dry hands, for those natural slippers like myself. music..loud music. heart.

Any hobbies or passions outside of pole dancing?

outside of pole dancing…. pole is my whole life, but i am a big nerd, i love to chill and play video games, i read loads of fantasy novels, comics, cartoons, dance, pin up culture, tattoos, music and im obssessed with youtube beauty channels lol (dark secret)

Can’t live without?

I cant live without animals! I have so much love to give to them hhahaha

Growing up I wanted to be a…..

Growing up i wanted to be a ballerina…. ofcourse.

Favourite things of all time:

Movie: well The Lord of the Rings trilogy for sure, but i am a disney freaaaaaaaaaaaak!

TV Show: Game of Thrones and Sex and the City and My Little Pony

Musician: thats tough!!!! i love Bring Me The Horizon, but I also love Chris Brown and Maxwell. some ssongs or musicians just make you feel something.

Album: so many. most recently in terms of a full album probably What seperates Me From You by A Day To Remember

Song: at the moment, 1+1 by Beyonce to dance to

Book: Perfume, the Story of a Murderer..

Magazine: Inked Girls

Food: Chocolate!

Designer: Iron Fist for shoes

Thank you so much Gracie for the interview, look forward to seeing more amazing performances from you.


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