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Rarr Designs Bendy Kate Pole dancer

Pole Files Interview 42: Bendy Kate Pole Dancer


Rarr Designs Bendy Kate Pole dancer
Rarr Designs Bendy Kate Pole dancer

Omg our next interview is with the amazing Bendy Kate. Bendy Kate has been a personal favorite pole dancer of mine. Her style and flexibility amazes the pole world.


Let Hear about her…..

Quick Bio

Bendy has been competing at a professional level for the last three years.
Some of her recent titles include:

World Pole Sport and Fitness Champion 2014
The UK Professional Champion 2013
The UK Professional Champion 2012
The UK Professional Champion 2011
World Pole Dance Doubles Runner up 2012/11
World Pole Sport Doubles Runner up 2012
Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles 2012
Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles 2011
UK Amateur Champion 2010
Pole Divas Champion 2010

Rarr Designs Bendy Kate Pole dancer
Rarr Designs Bendy Kate Pole dancer


How long have you been doing pole dancing?

5 years

The moment you realised you love pole dancing?

When I went to my first practice session and made lots of silly things up on the pole because I didn’t know what else to do!!

Describe your style.

I would say my style is quirky, bendy and acrobatic. I also love story telling in performances!

Favourite move?

This changes weekly! At the minute it is this eagle over split move that I keep posting on Instagram at the minute. But I don’t know the name

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV_zbt7ycUc”]

Tools of the trade, what can’t you live without when pole dancing?

Good music when I’m training or teaching!!

Any hobbies or passions outside of pole dancing?

Yes I am a qualified sports therapist too! And I love to do crafts like knitting and sewing. Also love taking my dog on walks!

Describe how it feels to be performing and competing amongst some of the best pole dancers in the world?

Very inspiring!!

What does your training schedule look like?

If I’m not teaching or travelling all day I tend to train two disciplines a day (pole, gymnastics, aerial) And I either stretch or do some cardio work too.

Rarr Designs Bendy Kate Pole dancer
Rarr Designs Bendy Kate Pole dancer

Can’t live without?

Nutella! Aeroplanes and my dog peanut!!

Growing up I wanted to be a…..

Vet, lawyer, journalist then physiotherapist!!

Favourite things of all time: Dancing for myself smile emoticon

Movie: Pulp fiction

TV Show: The walking dead!

Musician: James Bay

Song: Too many to choose

Book: The princess bride

Magazine: I don’t really read these unsure emoticon

Food: Roasted vegetables

Designer: Aude kouture

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkBzerWI_UY”]

Rarr Designs Bendy Kate Pole dancer
Rarr Designs Bendy Kate Pole dancer


Thank you Bendy Kate, We love you Xx


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