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Natty Stephens Rarr designs Pole dancer

Pole Files Interview 43: Natty Stephens Pole Dancer

Our next 2 interviews we are staying local within our home town Victoria.

Our Next interview is with the amazing Natty Stephens……….. Nat is Melbourne based girl with an amazing Pole style. She has only recently hit the competition stage and has blown away audiences and judges.

Natty Trains and represents Pole Princess Studios. And its set to get on stage for VPC and MPDV in the next month.

So I know you are dying to hear about Nat. Hear is her story…….

Natty Stephens Rarr designs Pole dancer
Natty Stephens Rarr designs Pole dancer


Quick Bio


Born and raised in Melbourne I have always had a passion for dance, but made a choice to get a degree in IT which meant leaving my dancing behind.

I stumbled into the world of pole dancing as a result of a flyer in my letterbox for a free trial class at Pole Princess. I left that class with my first pair of pole shoes (5 ¾ inches – so low!!) and haven’t stopped since!

I started competing 12 months ago and in that time I have the following titles:

Victorian Pole Championships – Amateur 2nd Runner Up – 2014

Miss Pole Dance Australia – VIC Heats – 2nd Runner Up – 2015

Miss Pole Dance Australia – Champions Choice – 2015

Pole Candy – Pro Runner Up – 2015


Natty Stephens Rarr designs Pole dancer
Natty Stephens Rarr designs Pole dancer

How long have you been doing pole dancing?

4 ½ years

The moment you realised you love pole dancing?

I realised I was addicted when attending classes wasn’t enough and I so I purchased my first x-pole, put it up in my garage and actually used it religiously! If I wasn’t at the studio in class I was at home on my pole.

Describe your style.

My style varies and adapts to the scene. On one hand I love being very playful and dynamic, I want to captivate my audience when I perform; and on the other hand, I love taking the time to appreciate losing myself in a bare foot routine and dancing for myself.

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Favourite move?

Depends on the day! I am always trying something new that I come across and want to work out or change. I always love split tricks, cup grips & elbow grips.

Tools of the trade, what can’t you live without when pole dancing?

Shaving cream, tite grip, dew point, YouTube & my favourite training buddies!

Any hobbies or passions outside of pole dancing?

When I’m not pole dancing, I’m watching pole videos and planning my next training session. I also love bouldering, it’s like rock climbing but not as high and with no ropes!

Describe how it feels to be performing and competing amongst some of the best pole dancers in the world?

It is surreal. I never imagined getting to this level. I pole dance for the love of it and to be able to share the stage with so many people who inspire me is just incredible.

Natty Stephens Rarr designs Pole dancer
Natty Stephens Rarr designs Pole dancer

What does your training schedule look like?

I train most days, making sure to fit in at least one rest day per week.

Can’t live without?

My husband, my Myo & food!

Growing up I wanted to be a…

A dancer! Ha, well that kinda worked out

Natty Stephens Rarr designs Pole dancer
Natty Stephens Rarr designs Pole dancer


Favourite things of all time…

Movie:  can I say I don’t have a favourite? I do enjoy a good horror or action movie and anything that makes you think.

TV Show: ok don’t judge me… Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones

Musician: Love me some Bruno Mars or Foo Fighters but I have a pretty diverse taste in music, it generally goes with my mood at the time.

Song: Right now my pole candy song is in my head and all over the radio so I’ll say Hey Mama. But I don’t play favourites with music, that changes daily.

Book: I am just not a reader!

Magazine: Australian Pole Dancers Magazine & Volare

Food: Pizza, Pasta, Ice Cream, Chocolate. Actually… wait… all the foods!

Designer: House of Moira, Cleo RockNPole, 007Heaven, RarrDesigns (best.hoodies.ever!!)

Natty Stephens Rarr designs Pole dancer
Natty Stephens Rarr designs Pole dancer


Thanks Nat for taking time to answer our questions we look forward to seeing you on stage and around in our cute Rarr Hoodies <3

YouTube channel:

Instagram: natty_stephens

Pole Candy Routine:

Miss Pole Australia Routine:


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