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Michelle Stanek Pole Files Rarrdesigns

Pole Files Interview 30: Michelle Stanek Pole Dancer

Today’s Interview is with Michelle Stanek she is very well known in the Pole dance industry. Her styles in unique and fluid. I really enjoy watching Michelle perform she a a different way of capturing a audience.

So Let’s hear all about Michelle…….

Short bio…
Michelle Stanek grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania sneaking out of bedroom windows, camping and dancing. In college, she studied art history, business and dance. She went on to graduate school to earn her Master’s degree in art history. She abandoned dance to be an art history professor, program curator and tour guide in Italy. In 2008 she found pole dance. She became addicted and began to develop her own style, finally utilizing her dance background. In 2009 she was laid off. Although a shock, it allowed her to teach pole dance, train more, eventually enter and win 5 out of 6 competitions and make a full time career out of something she loves. When she is not traveling, Michelle lives in New York City and teaches at Body& Pole.

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How long have you been doing pole dancing?

Michelle Stanek Pole Files Rarrdesigns

5 years

The moment you realised you love pole dancing?

NOT my first class. It took a while for me to love it. I think that happened about a year into it when I realized I had my own style. I could use my contemporary dance background with a subtle hint of sexy. At first, I think I was trying too hard to be like everyone else I was seeing in the pole world. And although I was having a great time whipping my hair, humping the floor and uncovering a wildly sexy part of me, my dancing felt contrived. When I stopped imitating and started moving the way I felt, then I started to soar.

Describe your style.

Not just traditional sexy. Not just traditional contemporary. But a unique blend of both.

Favorite move?

All flips, spins, leaps and handsprings with a Chinese grip. The Jade. Fast, explosive combos juxtaposed to slow, gooey combos. Floor work!

Michelle Stanek Pole Files Rarrdesigns

Tools of the trade, what can’t you live without when pole dancing?

Dry Hands. Arnica.

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Any hobbies or passions outside of pole dancing?

Facebooking?! Fitness. Movies. I love art, exploring museums and walking around NYC. I am also a competitive board game player and dirty martini connoisseur. But mostly what I do is directly related to pole and aerial dance.

Can’t live without?

Coffee. Body & Pole. My fiance. My acupuncturist. I’m not sure which order…

Growing up I wanted to be a…..

Broadway star in New York City. Wait a sec…close enough!

Favourite things of all time:

Movie: Goonies.

TV Show: The Walking Dead. I love it. I hate it.

Musician: Oh, I can’t pick one. Otis Redding always gets me good.

Album: Of all time?? Hmm…U2 The Joshua Tree; The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill; Adele 21. Pearl Jam Ten; Michael Jackson Thriller; Florence and the Machine Lungs; So many…

Song: Right now I am feeling Madness by Muse a LOT.

Book: The Birth of Venus; The Red Tent; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Series

Magazine: Vertical Art & Fitness. Smithsonian. US weekly.

Food: Wine. That counts right?

Michelle Stanek Pole Files Rarrdesigns

Designer: Roberto Cavalli. Should anyone ever want to buy be a Roberto Cavalli dress…realistically, I’m happy with Forever 21.


Thanks Michelle, Keep on competing as we love watching you. Xx


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