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Sizing Guide

How To Measure

Bust: Measure over the fullest part of your bust, with the tape measure parallel to the floor. This measurement will assist you in determining your swimwear or clothing size for tops and dresses.

Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of your natural waistline.

Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your hip, before the thigh begins to narrow. This measurement will help you determine your size for skirts, pants, and form-fitting dresses.

This is just a guide all fabrics have different stretch so same size may fit slightly different across all fabrics (Sparkle fabrics are generally a tighter knit than printed spandex).

Black and Pink Minimalist Size Chart Instagram Post
Black and Pink Minimalist Size Chart Instagram Post (1)

Need help with sizing?

We understand that online shopping can be hard. Buying stretch garments can be even harder as all fabrics have a different amount of stretch.

Email is with details about what styles you are looking at?

What size you normally wear? Chest, waist nd hip measurement and we will advise what size we think will be best for you.




Zoe wears size small tops and bottoms
Zoe is normally size 10 and 10DD
Bust – 88cm
Under Bust – 71cm
Waist – 66.5cm
Hips – 98.5cm
Thighs – 59cm
Height – 167cm



Karlee wears size small tops and bottoms
Karlee is normally size 10 and 10D
Bust – 87cm
Under Bust – 75cm
Waist – 73cm
Hips – 99cm
Thighs – 58cm
Height –

FELIX Open Mesh Bralette ELECTRIC BLUEhskhs


Chanel wears size 2XLarge tops and bottoms
Chanel is normally size 16/18 and 16G
Bust – 120cm
Under Bust – 97cm
Waist – 107cm
Hips – 126cm
Thighs – 70cm
Height – 168cm



Mikayla wears size Xlarge tops and large in bottoms
Mikayla is normally size 14 and 14DD
Bust – 111cm
Under Bust – 96cm
Waist – 93cm
Hips – 104cm
Thighs – 60cm
Height – 163cm

Rarr Designs Black Sparkle Naughty Fit Shorts


Sheridan wears size small tops and bottoms
Sheridan is normally size 10 and 10DD
Bust – 88cm
Under Bust – 76cm
Waist – 73cm
Hips – 97cm
Thighs – 57cm
Height – 171cm

Rarr designs Crystal V Mid Waist Short - Garnet


Stacey wears size small tops and bottoms
Stacey is normally size 10 and 10DD
Bust – 90cm
Under Bust – 78cm
Waist – 75cm
Hips – 99cm
Thighs – 59cm
Height – 170cm

Rarr designs Matte Black Men's Pole Brief


Tyrell wears size meduim tops and bottoms
Tyrell is normally size Medium/Large
Chest – 94cm
Waist – 77.5cm
Hips – 96cm
Thighs – 54cm
Height – 178cm

Rarr designs Carbon Animal Men's Pole Brief


Jake wears size Large tops and bottoms
Jake is normally size Medium/Large
Chest – 95cm
Waist – 83cm
Hips – 100cm
Thighs – 63cm
Height – 178cm

Rarr designs Jade Sparkle Leotard/Sleeveless One Piece Youth Girls


Lara wears size size 10 tops and bottoms
Lara is normally size size 10 in her Little Rarrscals
Chest – 64cm
Waist – 57cm
Hips – 72cm
Thighs – 33cm
Height – 130cm

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