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Rarrdesigns Harlem Shaking

Quirky dance day……..

Last week we decided to have a bit of fun and make up some quirky videos in our cute rarr clothes.

rarrdesigns dance off

We started out with all the good time wedding tracks


Chicken Dance


Gangnam Style


Spice Girls

And of course, sexy and I know it…..

The bright colours make this video look amazing

Here it is check it out………

[youtube_sc url=””]
It would be a fun dance day without a little dance off, we put on it’s like that by Run DMC and the POLE off started………..

[youtube_sc url=””]


We had a special guest appearance from the Australian Pole Fitness Champion of 2012, Callum Beacroft.

rarrdesigns dance off


Check out our awesome video……….


Lastly the girls did a couple of doubles pole moves…..


[youtube_sc url=””]


Thanks to Your Evolution and Elite Society Management and all of our amazing dancers………….


Kelly Williams

Emma Di falco

Kellie Arena

Kristy Bellu

Hope Bellu

Callum Beacroft

Melinda Pearce

Anna Papak

Laura Richards

Cat Downey

Affra Burgess


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