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Pole Files Interview 8: Kelly Yvonne Pole Dancer/Choreographer

Today we we have interview with the creator and director of Girl next Door
a Pole Dance Soirée Kelly Yvonne. She Choreographers routines for some of the best pole dancers.

Check out the website.

Lets here a bit more about Kelly.

Quick bio.

My name is Kelly Yvonne and I am the creator, director, choreographer and producer of Girl Next Door – a pole dance soirée (GND) and Hide and Seek – a pole dance speakeasy. I am also a classical trained dancer who had retired before discovering pole!

GND is the first and longest running pole dance revue in the nation and will be expanding to other cities throughout 2012, including San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago and San Diego.

I recently opened The Choreography House, which is a pole dance rehearsal and training facility located in North Hollywood, CA. This studio is operated and instructed by current members of the casts and provides a space for them to train and teach.

Lastly, I have also choreographed award winning pole dance routines for top pole athletes, including Natasha Wang, Laura Martin, Amber Richard, Karri Telford and Charley Crystal.

How long have you been doing pole dancing?

I have been pole dancing since 2009.

The moment you realised you love pole dancing?

I loved it before I tried it. I attended a studio recital and immediately saw the immense possibility of the art form. Over the next few weeks I signed up for classes at four different studios. Three months later, I launched Girl Next Door – a pole dance soirée!

Describe your style.

My personal style is lyrical, contemporary movement meshed with profound storytelling and a wee bit of acting.

Favourite move?

Currently I am in LOVE with anything on spinning pole!

Tools of the trade, what can’t you live without when pole dancing?

A few months ago it would’ve been Firm Grip but I am a recent iTac convert!

Any hobbies or passions outside of pole dancing?

Choreographing other forms of dance. I am currently working on a musical for a web series produced by Subway Corporation and I am having so much fun teaching actors movement.

Can’t live without?

My computer (I know…lame!)

Growing up I wanted to be a…..

Choreographer and Entrepreneur (tada!) It’s amazing how our passions develop within us at a very young age. Ask any of my childhood friends and they will tell you that 1) I made them perform my choreography in my fake shows and 2) I was creating business models in elementary school.

Favourite things of all time:

Movie: The Fountain

TV Show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Musician: George Michael

Album: On the Jungle Floor by Van Hunt

Song: *right now* Work Out by J Cole

Book: The Tipping Point

Magazine: ANY fashion, design or architecture magazine

Food: Coffee or anything with caffeine

Designer: Alexander McQueen

Thanks Kelly, Love your work:)

Pole Files Interview 7: Mina Mortezaie Pole Dancer

I have had the great pleasure of interviewing Mina Mortezaie. A truly amazing pole dancer. She holds many Championship titles at different pole competitions around the world. She has also collaborated with Karol Helms (2010 USPDF Miss Sexy), Estee Zakar (2010 USPDF Miss Trixster) partnered with Bad Kitty in order to create PoleFit with a goal of giving the Pole Fitness community the best possible product specific to their sport. They have worked tirelessly and taken part in every facet of design, testing, research and development in order to achieve this goal.

Lets find out a little more about Mina Mortezaie.

Quick bio.

Mina comes from a background in Dance and Gymnastics. She has trained in lyrical, ballet, hip hop, and modern jazz dance styles and performed with multiple dance companies. In addition to training in gymnastics she has coached children’s gymnastics for over 8 years. Her fitness background also includes: weight training, yoga, surfing and snowboarding. Mina has been Pole Dancing for over 2 and a half years with experience from a number of different studios and styles. She brings grace, strength, and flexibility to her pole dancing. With a degree in Communications from UCLA, Mina’s resume includes experience in broadcast journalism and digital marketing. Mina’s biggest joy lies in the empowerment of women through the beautiful, strong and seductive art of Pole Dancing.

Mina graced the December 2009 cover of Pole 2 Pole magazine where she was featured as Pole Star of the month. Other press Mina has been featured in includes an article in the LA Times titled: “The pole vaults into a new role.” The LA times described Mina by saying her “forte seems to be perfectly executed vertical and inverted split maneuvers.”

Mina has also been seen on national television teaching pole lessons to adult film stars in “The Secret Lives of Women” which airs on the Women’s Entertainment channel.

Mina’s clientele includes teaching the girls next door/playboy playmate twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon at the playboy mansion.

Mina says: From my first pole dancing class I instantly became addicted and couldn’t get enough. The movement is an incredible workout and a powerful boost in confidence. I definitely recommend this for all women; not only will it tone up your body, but it can transform your life.

Mina’s titles include: 2010 USPDF Amateur Champion, Pole Vixen Los Angeles Champion, East Meets West Doubles Champion (with partner Nadia Sharif). Mina currently teaches at Evolve Dance Studio and Be Spun in the Los Angeles area.

How long have you been doing pole dancing?


The moment you realised you love pole dancing?

my first class

Describe your style.

lyrical, expressive, fluid, graceful

Favourite move?

i have a new one I made up, its like an over extended iguana, required alot of shoulder flexibilty, thinking of calling it the komodo dragon 😉

Tools of the trade, what can’t you live without when pole dancing?


Any hobbies or passions outside of pole dancing?

traveling, yoga, aerial arts

Can’t live without?

my bf

Growing up I wanted to be a…..

a journalist

Favourite things of all time:

Movie: black swan

TV Show: workaholics and the office

Musician: the xx, skrillex

Album: art of flight soundtrack

Song: toxic cover by yael naim

Book: memoirs of a geisha

Magazine: vertical mag

Food: sushi salad and cereal

Designer: J. Valentine

I like to thank Mina for her time and for sharing her amazing work with us.

Pole Files Interview 6: Amber Ray Pole Dancer

Sydney based Amber Ray, is a true pole dancing performer. She tricks her performances up with great costumes and lots of character.

Here is more about Amber Ray.

How long have you been doing pole dancing?

Over 6 years now

The moment you realised you love pole dancing?

The first day i walked into the Studio. I thought it was so cool and had all the fun things that i liked about dancing, up in the air. That was before my first lesson even!

Describe your style.

I like to change it all the time, depending n what mood i’m in. Either Jazz, contemporary, lyrical, rock or more of a gymnastic feel.

Favourite move?

Jade split drop. It’s the best when you can hear the growd gasp, and the noise the skin makes on the pole makes the move even more dramatic!

Tools of the trade, what can’t you live without when pole dancing?

Music! and a pole! I guess that’s it! Sometimes if i’m cold ill use some Dry Hands.

Any hobbies or passions outside of pole dancing?

I still try to get to “normal” dance classes, but i havn’t been for a while. I try to attend dance shows too, as that is the basis for all my movement on a pole, i can relate each move back to a dance move.

I also like making costumes and I love diner and movies at friends’ houses, i’m not big on going out.

Can’t live without?

Fun things to do each day, and all my wonderful friends and family

Growing up I wanted to be a…..

dancer. Particularly the Little Mermaid at Disneyland. I’ve auditioned so many times, but i’m not even tall enough to get to the 2nd round. She flies through the air in the Disney show, so i took up pole to help with my “flying skills.”

Favourite things of all time:

Movie: Center Stage…still

TV Show: How i Met You Mother

Musician: New artists that keep pop evolving, like Lady gaga

Song: So many to choose from!

Book: I just read Twilight for the 4th time. Maybe not my fave, but the one ive read the most!

Magazine: I dont really read magazines anymore.

Food: Pomegranite

Designer: Krysel from MPDS would love to think she’s rubbed off on me enough for me to say “Dolce and Gabanna”, and Shimmy from PDA would love me to say “Supre”…i’m torn! haha

Thanks Amber for the interview. Love your performances!!!

Pole Files Interview 5: Sasj Lee Pole Dancer

My next interview is with the highly talented Sasj Lee, amazing pole dancer and fashion designer.

Lets hear what Sasj has to say.

How long have you been doing pole dancing?

I have been pole dancing for exactly 3 years.

The moment you realised you love pole dancing?

I realized I loved pole dancing when nothing else was a priority. My friend had dragged me into a pole dance studio and I literally gasped. Girls in booty shorts and heels was not my idea of a work out. And look at me now. After that first class, I never missed one. And, I now have a walk-in closet dedicated to my pole shoes ONLY.

Describe your style.

My style is still under development. I love dancing to rock music, pushing myself to MY physical limit, and the idea of attacking the pole; though, I’ve been told I move very slowly and gracefully. In the next year, as I explore and train in other avenues of dance, I will incorporate with pole; therefore further

developing my style.

Favourite move?

At present, my favorite move is anything that causes me great pain the morning after, but takes the audience by storm. Any variation of a shoulder mount, twisted-grip, or suspension is just plain, wicked! And I simply adore spinning at 20mph on static pole.

Tools of the trade, what can’t you live without when pole dancing?

Support from my comrades, music I can feel, and firm grip.

Any hobbies or passions outside of pole dancing?

In addition to pole dancing, my passion is fashion. I started my own line of women’s swim wear; Sancia Rose ( It is the best feeling to create from a single idea, and not only watch that creation grow before my very eyes, but enjoyed and appreciated by others.
My number one hobby is eating. I have a special relationship with food, especially Louisiana Crunch Cake. I also enjoy lying on the sand under the Malibu sun for hours, shopping, and more recently, yoga.

Can’t live without?

I can’t live without my sense of humor. I laugh more than some people care to understand. I laugh at myself with ease. My sense of humor has saved my life many times over.

Growing up I wanted to be a…..

Growing up, I either wanted to be a Solid Gold Dancer, or Psychologist. Go firgure.

Favourite things of all time:

Movie: Oh, please don’t make me choose my favorite movie. I have too many. “Sense & Sensibility”, “The Departed”, “Apocalypto”,”Michael Jackson’s, This Is It”, and “Gladiator”. Notice how completely different they are. Yes, I’m a Gemini.

TV Show: My favorite TV shows are: “Rachel Zoe Project”, “Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, and “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. You got your creativity, Sarcasm, and drama all on one network…almost. Reality TV puts a smile on my face, and I’m unashamed to admit it.

Musician: My favorite musician is Bob Marley. And no, not because I’m Jamaican. I can’t choose a

favorite song of Bob’s. I love them all. One hell of a human being, clearly chosen to touch the world through music.

Song: I think we should live in a world where we don’t have to choose, ’cause I also love all of these books: “Choosing Happiness-Live & Soul Essentials” by Stephanie Dowrick, “Boys Life” by Michael McCammon, and “No Less Than Greatness” by Mary Manin Morrissey. Spiritual growth rocks!

Magazine: Vogue. Bam!

Food: My favorite food is anything Jamaican. I also love Italian, Mexican, and Thai. I’m sure if they were all thrown together in a bathtub, I would be in my element.

Designer: Yay! I love and have a strong admiration for Valentino; a self-taught, ridiculously talented man. I also love Dior, Sass & Bide, Dsquared2, and Stella McCartney.

The world of pole dancing has taken me on one hell of a ride. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it, including the wonderful opportunity to teach at Evolve Dance Studio in Los Angeles and exchange energy with my students. They are the best. I look forward to growing with this art form and challenging myself along the way.

It has been a great pleasure interviewing Sasj, she is a girl after my own heart with loves for pole and fashion!!!!
Thanks Sasj:)

Pole Files Interview 4: Chris Measday Pole Dancer

Today, I have the great pleasure of interviewing my 1st Male pole dancer, Chris Measday!!! He has amazing strength, great routines and does it all with full length pants.
Chris is currently the Director of Polarise dance studios in Adelaide.

How long have you been doing pole dancing?

5 Years, I started while living in China

The moment you realised you love pole dancing?

When I got back UP (yes, UP) to my old Gymnastics weight.

Describe your style.

Core, Spin, Grace of movment while trying to be as masculine as possible.

Favourite move?

At the moment Kamikaze and its variation. There are a feww videos of me stuffing it up floating around…. I dont think my nuts will ever forgive me.

Tools of the trade, what can’t you live without when pole dancing?

Energy Drinks

Any hobbies or passions outside of pole dancing?

Im a travel agent, but other then that, Pole consumes my life :-0

Can’t live without?

Energy drinks and Pasta

Alan Kwok Photography

Growing up I wanted to be a…..

Prime Minister (even studied Politics at Uni)

Favourite things of all time:

Movie: Star ship Troopers

TV Show: Big Bang

Musician: The offspring

Album: The Wall (Pink Floydd)

Song: You Know what, NERD

Book: Dune

Magazine: Time

Food: My cooking in general (Im damn good lol)

Designer: ?? Im a dude, i dont care!

Thanks Chris for taking the time to do this interview. Check out the video it is amazing:))

Pole Files Interview 3: Crystal Lai Pole Dancer

The 3rd interview is with Crystal Lai from Canada, she has held the title of Miss Pole Canada. I love her upbeat, bouncy style, she captures an audience so easy.

So here is more about Crystal Lai.

Quick bio.

Crystal Lai is proud that her 6 years of training have culminated in her becoming Miss Pole Dance Canada and winning Best Entertainer and People Choice at the World Pole Dance Championships. Most recently, she competed at the World Pole Cup in Rio and was one of the finalists. She was also a guest performer at Gravity First 2nd Edition in Mexico City.

Crystal enjoys bringing her bubbly personality to upbeat routines, but can also demonstrate grace and control to more melodic music. As a senior instructor at Tantra Fitness in Vancouver, she hopes to use her platform to educate the public about the sport of pole dancing. Crystal also hopes revealing her lack of a dance or gymnastics background will inspire future pole dancers who question their potential; pole dancing can truly stand alone to develop strength and fluidity. With her dancing, she wishes to help progress the technical and performance aspects of her sport.

How long have you been doing pole dancing?

I have been pole dancing for about 6 years now. I started when I was going into my 3rd year in university.

The moment you realised you love pole dancing?

I think that would have to be one of my visits to Brandi’s in Vancouver when I was blown away by a pole performance (by Tammy Morris – who is the owner of Tantra Fitness and my mentor) at a strip bar. I thought it was one of the most artistic and amazing form of dance ever. It showcased beauty, strength, and grace all at the same time. Then when I finally took my first pole class, I fell in love with it and never stopped since.

Describe your style.

I enjoy dancing to fast paced and bubbly music; however, I like mixing it up with something slow (like Adele, Coldplay, etc..). A lot of my friends describe me as a little powerhouse or a little firecracker on the pole.

Favourite move?

There are so many that I love, like the Jade Drop and Aysha Iron X and any sort of crazy drops.

Tools of the trade, what can’t you live without when pole dancing?

I have a goodie bag for pole – includes all sorts of grip aids from Dry Hands to Mighty Grip to iTac to shaving cream to

butterfly balm (I usually bring it for the students to give them options). Aside from my bag of tricks, I definitely need my iPod, my pole clothing (from Light Active Wear), and most importantly, a pole!

Any hobbies or passions outside of pole dancing?

I started playing Squash this year and absolutely love it. I also really enjoy cooking and most importantly, I LOVE eating. Thank god for pole dancing, or else I would be doomed! There are a ton of other things that I really like doing, such as traveling, going on adventures with friends, learning (I’m a giant nerd at heart), and spending time with family and friends.

Can’t live without?

Pole dancing is definitely something I cannot live without. However, I definitely cannot live without my family and my friends. I am such a social butterfly that if I spend too much time alone, I get really depressed and become the biggest Debbie Downer ever! Another thing I cannot live without – coffffeeeeeeeee.

Photography by JLS Photography

Growing up I wanted to be a…..

I went through different phases, for a while, I was contemplating between healthcare and fashion. Now as I get older, growing up, I just want to be happy and I want to bring happiness to everyone that’s around me.

Favourite things of all time:

Movie: Love Actually, Pride and Prejudice, Superman, and etc…

TV Show: Big Bang Theory, Arrested Development, Scrubs, Modern Family, New Girl, Dexter, True Blood, Battlestar Galatica, Sex and the City, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Criminal Minds, and the list goes on…

Musician: Jason Mraz, Adele, Jack Johnson, Michael Buble, John Mayer, Marc Broussard

Album: Jason Mraz – We Sing, We Dance, We

Steal Things; Adele – 19 and 21

Song: Jason Mraz – I’m Yours; Adele – Make You Feel My Love and Someone Like You; currently, I’m super addicted to a few of Marc Broussard’s songs and Katy Perry’s The One that Got Away

Book: …. Anything that’s big enough to make it to the movie theatre and then I just watch it there. I actually really liked Harry Potter and Eat, Pray, Love.

Magazine: In-Style and any gossip and cooking magazines

Food: Anything that is good – I love experimenting new cuisines, but my go to is always Chinese Food a

nd Japanese Food (when I’m feeling home-sick)

Designer: Light Active Wear, Lululemon for my pole gears. I also can’t go wrong with
Alexander McQueen, Betsey Johnson or Dior!

I have attached my personal favourite performance by Crystal, I just love this routine:)

I would like to thank Crystal for taking the time to tell us her story.

Please check out Crystal’s Website.


Pole Files Interview 2: Natasha Wang Pole Dancer

Natasha Wang - Pole Fitness/Dance Instructor

I have had the great pleasure of interviewing Natasha Wang. A truly amazing pole dancer. She holds many Championship titles at different pole competitions around the world.

Lets find out a little more about Natasha Wang.

Quick Bio.

Natasha Wang is a pole performer and instructor who holds the titles of US Pole Dance Champion 2011, USPDF West Coast Champion 2010, California Pole Dance Champion 2010, and East Meets West Miss Pole-AM 2010. She has been a guest performer on The View on ABC and Good Day L.A. on FOX, and has performed with the Doug Aitken art-theater project “Black Mirror” starring actress Chloe Sevigny that premiered in Athens, Greece in June 2011.

A late fitness bloomer, Natasha began taking pole dance classes at the age of 29 with no previous dance or gymnastics experience, a journey which eventually took her from S Factor to The Pole Garage, Be Spun and Kinetic Theory Circus Arts, where she studied contortion. Natasha currently instructs and trains at Los Angeles’ The Choreography House and Be Spun, and is a principal dancer with Kelly Yvonne’s Girl Next Door show. She is sponsored by X-Pole, Kelly Maglia Couture, Dew Point Pole and The Choreography House.

A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Advertising and a BA in French, Natasha has worked as a publicist for nine years and is a published poet.

Read morePole Files Interview 2: Natasha Wang Pole Dancer

Pole File Interview 1: Crystal Gibson Pole Dancer

1st interview is with Crystal Gibson, she is Based in Los angeles. She does some amazing pole work all round the world, in some of the most craziest places!!!

It is with great pleasure to feature Crystal’s on my blog.


Quick Bio.

My name is Crystal Gibson and I love having fun. I am mommy and a girlfriend and we live in Los Angeles California a little more than half a year and spend the other part of the year in the Midlands, England (my boyfriend “John” is English). We have been going back and forth from the USA to the UK for almost 6 years! It defiantly adds contrast to my life. My daughter is almost two and her and I are best buddies, currently I am a staying at home with her in LA but working with a cool company in England called Area 51, which supplies all the crazy talent for parties, festivals, private events, like stilt walkers, aerial art, circus performers, fire dancers… you name it we do it. I am adding a pole division to the talent pool and I’m very excited about that!

My background is in marketing for album launches and movies but once I found pole that didn’t seem to matter, I would love to own my own fitness studio for women or be part of one. I have learned over the years that embracing femininity is an extremely important part of being a girl and when I’m doing this I am a much happier person for it (Thanks Sheila).

I love the pole world/community! Its not hard to always stay inspired by having such lovely ladies (&a few men) to look up to like: Jenyne Butterfly, Natasha Wang, Shimmy, Dirdy Birdie, Oona, Alethea Austin, Becca Butcher, Kelly Yvonne, Mina Mortezaie, Nadia Shaif & Sasja (the list can keep going!) watching these women perform keeps me inspired and gives me something to look forward to!



Girl Next Door Show LA, Crystal Gibson – “A Portrait of Love” Bon Iver cover by Ellie Goulding

How long have you been doing pole dancing?

This is a funny question because I started taking classes at a wonderful place called S Factor almost 2 years ago, right after my daughter was born (5 weeks after!) but S Factor doesn’t teach pole past the butterfly or right/left leg hooks and a few spins really. They do teach pole just not in a technical way. S Factor is wonderful for so many more reasons, some which I feel helped me thru being a new mom which can be a tricky phase of life. In my own words S Factor is a safe haven for women really, a place where girls can be girls while entering their journey to discovering who their erotic creature is in a fun in a safe environment. S factor teaches a lot on embracing femininity and empowering women of all shapes, sizes and walks of life. S Factor mainly focuses on moving meditation thru slow, curvaceous, erotic movement finished with a dance. My favorite thing S factor teaches how to stay connected to your erotic creature thru your breath, using little of your outside mind. When you can do this moving meditation your brain releases all these yummy vibes and gives you fuel to make it thru the week, I like to call it an emotional orgasm!

Back to the question, S Factor does teach pole but not on an advanced level. The pole is simply there during your dance and if you feel the need to swing around it you can, more like an accessory if you will.

But I always had a natural affinity to the pole and wanted to learn more so I taught myself a lot of tricks and spent hours and hours on youtube! In August of 2011 I started taking advanced pole classes at Evolve dance studio in Los Angeles under the skill of the very talented Mina Mortezaie, Mina is a great teacher because she understands the body, and with her gymnast and dance background she can quickly advance you based off you current level of strength. Mina is a gem and if you ever have the opportunity to train with her do so! I also have taken classes from some of LA Finest ladies, Sasj Lee, and Annemarie Davies and recently at the new studio The Choreography House under the mega sassy talent, Kelly Yvonne! Kelly also owns/operates Girl Next Door Show in LA, getting in this group is my 2012 goal! I really want to be part of this group! If you haven’t heard of Girl Next Door Show check it out Pole Idols – Part Deux a pole dance soirée super sexy and fun!

In total this February will be two years and Technical Pole 4 months.

The moment you realised you love pole dancing?

When every pole I passed I would think “I need to swing on that pole or can I shoulder mount that?” I also had a giggle in the back of a taxi leaving Greece last year, my boyfriend saw me gazing into empty buildings as we drove to the airport, he says to me “babe, are you thinking poles again?” I smiled and told him “Yes, but do you see the ceiling height?! ☺ I also new I loved pole because for the first time in my life I was doing something that I loved, that made me happy, which a lot of women forget to do when we are taking care of everyone else.

Describe your style.

Ha, um… I like relaxed, sexy, trendy but faded look I guess, my favorite shop is “All Saints”. I love to wear short skirts or shorts but with trainers, you will hardly ever see me in heels! I like shirts that are fitted but I love a good baggy sweatshirt. Since I am from the Seattle area I think I have a lil bit of grunge left in me.

Favourite move?

Mid Pole, Twisted Grip Lifting.

Tools of the trade, what can’t you live without when pole dancing?

X-Pole 45ML & Dry Hands

Any hobbies or passions outside of pole dancing?

I love house music, been listening for years!! My boyfriend is a wicked DJ ☺ ((He goes by Quivver or John Graham… He’s ace, have a little look )) For the past 6 years I have been able to travel with him a bit and see the world which has been a blessing.

Can’t live without?

My daughter ☺ She is lovely, about to be two on December the 17th. Her name is Charlie and she is such a joy! I also can’t live w/o her daddy, them two got my heart.

On a less soppy note, I can’t live without: Ranch Dressing, Flavoured Coffee/Coffee Creamer and Google.

Growing up I wanted to be a…..

Never really knew this answer, it wasn’t until I found pole that I knew what I wanted to do with my life, which is fitness for women and yes there will be pole!

Favourite things of all time:

Movie: The Wackness, The Notebook and This is England.

TV Show: Hands down Southpark!

Musician: Massive Attack, Kasabian, Pearl Jam, Depeche Mode, Fever Ray or anything that Karin has her hands in. Notorious B.I.G., The Big Pink, Ulrich Schnauss, Vangelis & Brian Eno

Album: Kasabian’s self-titled album Kasabian & Peal Jam, Ten.

Song: at the moment… because I could never just answer this in one song! At the moment I really like a track by Tinie Tempha called Let Go. But If I had to play a jam that always makes me smile and move it would have to be Notorious B.I.G. Hypnotize

Book: Chis Evans Bio both books! Memories of a Fruitcake and Its not what you think.

Magazine: Elle and DJ Mag

Food: Tacos, Chips and Salsa and Pho

Designer: All Saints & Top Shop

Shout Out:

Over the past few years I have the pleasure to watch a friend go from a great pole dancer to USA Pole Dance Champion and its been such a joy to watch her grow and influence other people’s lives for the better, she is a gem and a great role model. I just want her to know that I’m very proud of her and thrilled she is representing us here in the USA. Natasha Wang, you’re ACE!

And… Olivia & Suran, thanks for being such lovely friends, you two are the best! Tuesdays wouldn’t be as good as they are w/o you. Xx

I would like to Thank Crystal for her time and sharing her work with us!!!


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