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Kristy Sellars

Kristy Sellars Rarr designs Pole dancing

We want to share a little bit about one of Melbourne, Australia and the worlds best Pole Dancers Kristy Sellars. She started her dance career at Dance World Studios, where she studied ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, indian, chinese, musical theatre, tap, flamenco, modelling, singing and more.   [button link=””]Kristy Sellars Website[/button]  [youtube_sc url=””]

The Amazing Miss Filly……….. Rarr Ambassdor

Miss Filly is a Melbourne born, 26 year old pocket rocket and pro poler of both the state & national level competitive pole dancing circuits.

Beginning her pole dance journey at Pole Divas in Melbourne as a student, she entered the competition scene making her debut at Miss Pole Dance Victoria in 2010 where she entered the stage inside a suit bag and was awarded 1st Runner Up. When Miss Filly is not WOW-ing audiences with her unique style of pole dance she can be found teaching full time & generally hanging around upside at Pole Divas Moonee Ponds, her studio / school from which she is professional based.

Miss FIlly also tours & teaches workshops regularly around the country and has recently had her journey documented in the recent film, ‘Blood Sweat & Sequins’. Since 2010, she has been a regular in a number of national pole dancing competitions around Australia most recently being crowned the winner of Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2014 as well as Doubles Champion in her state and Australia 2014. Her passion for pole dance has led her style to truly evolve and over time she has become one of Australia’s most unique and inspiring pole performers.

Miss Pole Dance Australia Doubles WINNER 2014

Miss Pole Dance Victoria Solo WINNER 2014

Miss Pole Dance Victoria Doubles Champion WINNER 2014

Miss Pole Dance Australia Solo Finalist 2014

Australian Pole Championship – Professional 2nd Runner Up (3rd Place) 2013

Miss Pole Dance Australia 2nd Runner Up 2013 (3rd Place)

Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist 2012

Australian Pole Championships – Winner Best Trickster 2012

Fit X – Pole Power Champion 2012

Miss Pole Dance Victoria Solo 2nd Runner Up 2012

Miss Pole Dance Victoria Doubles Champion 2012

Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist 2011

Miss Pole Dance Victoria Solo 1st Runner Up 2011

Miss Pole Dance Victoria Doubles Champion 2011

Miss Pole Dance Victoria Doubles Champion 2010

Pole Dancing Information

Miss Filly Pole dancer Rarrdesigns

Below you will find information about some pole dancing websites, places and people who I think are some of the best in the world.

Places and Studios

Your evolution is the studio that I am teaching at its an amazing studio (I am a little bias) with so many different classes, there is not only pole dancing but aerial silks/tissue, stretch classes, PT, TRX, Power Ballet Barre. The full rarrdesigns range is available at this studio:

Your Evolution Pole Dancing Studio

The next studio I really love is, Pol-arise. I am done lots of training with the girls and guys at these studios. They have some amazing instructors and based all around Australia:

Pol-arise Studios

Another studio I really like is Pole Dance academy in Sydney, run by sisters Shimmy and Maddie:

Sydney Finest Pole Dance Academy

Miss Suzie Q and Toby J from ‘Australia’s got talent’ Studio:

Miss Suzie Q Studio


So now onto some of the inspiration pole dancers sites, The 1st two are my ultimate favorite pole dances very inspirational.

Clothing and Accessories

Places to get some of the cutest clothing and shoes and don’t forget to check our the rarrdesigns shop.

Blogs and Magazines

Aerial Amy is one of the best and most well known pole dancing Bloggers, she is always posting great tutorials and lots of music ideas.

Aerial Amy

Another great pole blogger is Shimmy, she is a Sydney based pole dancer that has a really quirky blog. My favourite post was the one she did about her boyfriend.

Sydneys famous Shimmy

Pole Grips

Interesting Things

Some great sites to find moves and tutorials:

Hope you all enjoy these and if there are sites that you are inspired by please contact us and we can add it to the site.



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