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Miss Filly

When Miss Filly is not WOW-ing audiences with her unique style of pole dance she can be found teaching full time & generally hanging around upside at Pole Divas Moonee Ponds, her studio and school from which she is professionally based.

Miss Filly also tours & teaches workshops regularly around the country and has recently had her journey documented in the recent film, ‘Blood Sweat & Sequins’.

She has competed in a number of national pole dancing competitions around Australia, currently crowned Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2014, Doubles Champion and recently All Stars 1st Runner Up.

Her passion for pole dance has led her "pocket rocket" style to truly evolve and over time she has become one of Australia’s most unique and inspiring pole performers.

Career Highlights:

ALL STARS - Pole 1st Runner Up 2014
MPDA 2014 - Doubles WINNER
APC - 2nd Runner Up
MPDA - 2nd Runner Up 2013

Emily Collins

Emily, 23 is a recent graduate of the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in Melbourne. Specialising in the areas of ground and aerial contortion.

After years of training and performing classical and contemporary dance styles, Emily found her new love for circus at the age of 17 and has never looked back.

Since then she has performed in both dance and circus companies; at corporate functions, nightclubs, art exhibitions and stage productions. Her career highlights to date include performing Aerial Hoop as part of Le Grand Cirque in Sydney’s Opera House in 2007 and Aerial Silks as part of the Circa, 25e festival du cirque actuel in Auch, France in 2012.

Emily is also a teacher of contortion and aerials at NICA, as well as a freelance photographic and catwalk model.

Amanda The Pole Dancing Unicorn

Amanda is 23 years old with no former dance experience behind her, however as soon as she took up pole dancing it just clicked!

She moved up to the Sunshine Coast from Victoria, knowing little to no one, pole dancing became her home away from home. After completing her first few levels she took it upon herself to start choreographing her own routines after only pole dancing for 6 months. When she discovered pole dancers such as miss filly and Lou landers she lashed out into the sexier side of pole. Now you’ll find her in no less than an 8″ heel and decked out in her rarr naughty cut shorts!  She is now a instructors for beginner pole dancer and beginner Lyra at Bella Bliss studios in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. She has gained incredible flexibility in the past 6 months from when she join Bella bliss, achieving middle splits, and moving up to blocks on both legs as well as an impressive 8 yoga block high right leg over split and a 2 yoga block left leg over split. So when she’s flying around up the pole you can expect no less than any splits as she can think of!

My signature trick Pegasus or machine gun and my favourite combo is (on spin of course) climb, body wave, second climb, machine gun, flatline, leg change, outside leg hang caccoon, jade split, Allegra, Pegasus, trapped Pegasus (or Pegasus Ayesha, side superman, seahorse, left side invert, shoulder mount pops down to floor.

I really enjoy doing just floor just hitting shuffle on Spotify and going for it in my 9″ heels! Heel clacks, splits, shoulder rolls to split (you’ve seen it all 😉 )


My name is Shelby, I am 23 years old and live in Mandurah, Western Australia. My partner, Braddon, and I have a toy Pomeranian called Koda and a Ragdoll/Maine Coon called Theodore.

When I’m not at the studio, I am studying my final year of my Secondary Education degree majoring in Drama with an English minor.

Now with the basics out of the way, let’s get on to why most of us are here; Aerial Fitness.

I began pole dancing in May 2015 with my friend and instantly took a liking to it. Roughly a year and a half into my pole journey, my pole mamma opened her own studio (Pole Sisters Fitness Studio) and offered me the opportunity to become an instructor to which I of course jumped at. Soon after opening, we were fortunate enough to install aerial hoops and began learning the art of Lyra. Having never done it before, I taught myself a few moves and began to fall in love with it as much as pole dancing. The passion I have for Lyra pushed me to learn more and more until I was asked to become the Lyra instructor at our studio.

Becoming an instructor has sent my already deep passion for these sports even deeper. Watching my students learn brings me so much joy and drives me to continuously push myself harder to the point where I am at the studio more than I am anywhere else.

I talk about the love and passion I have but I need to acknowledge my Pole Mamma and all the effort she has put into me. She is the reason I am where I am and have the love for this sport. I owe her everything in this field and to know that she has such faith and pride in me keeps me moving forward.

Taking these sports on and the challenges that come with them has changed my life, my attitude and my ability to love myself. I am proud of the skills I have attained and the body that lets me do them and aspire to show other women and men alike to learn the same.


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